The commandos say:

“Go Kart Commandos hail from Chester and are renowned for their energetic, more-solid-than-Vanessa-Feltz’s-bed-frame live shows around the region.

The lads’ mission is to entertain the masses, and do this mainly with a mix of unabashed urban riff-worship and pee-your-pants humour! They cover well known tunes from over the years, from rock & indie through to funk and pop – performed with a good twist of GKC, mixed in with TV themes all drenched in sonic savagery and wrapped up in voodoo vibe

A good energetic balance and a great laugh. The only people not welcome to their shows are miserable gits, but still, the band usually manage to lighten up the faces of even the saddest ß@$7¥®s!!

We can’t tell you in a brochure what an ass-gyrating surging typhoon of a show we put on cos we’re too stupid. So come along and see for yourselves! We’ll summon up a mushroom cloud of fun and burn with all the intensity of a magnesium strip for a gritty revved-up hoedown you’ll keep returning to time and time again!!! Gorge yourself into giddy oblivion!!! Hell yeah!!!!!
Band Interests
Performing honed-to-the-bone shows!! The sheer insanity of it will blow your brain up!! ”


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