Domino Gallery : The Darkening Green

The Domino Gallery : Felicity Wren

The Darkening Green : Teresa Wilson

This is a sculpure installation for the Domino Gallery which is found on Upper Newington Street in Liverpool. Just looking through the window on our arrival Teresa’s work just grabs you and draws you into the Gallery. ” Her main practice is making and installing uncanny human and bird sculpures to create claustrophobic, poetic enviroments transforming the space the space and charging it with emotional intensity” and once inside you have to agree with this statement. The figures have different expressions from a differing angles. ” Made from old rags and recycled materials the work engages with the past, suggesting stories to the viewer of strange experiences, Memories, and past traumas”. We have to agree with this statement. You could sense this as you walked through the gallery. Each piece had to be visited on more than one occasion I felt because as you went by the feeling changed. ” The viewer is invited to explore an imaginative alternative reality and approach the emotional and sometimes uncomfortable subject matter in a gentle and darkly playful way”


For more images please visit the website


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