The festival….

This weekend was mainly “The Mathew Street Festival” enjoying glorious sunshine, huge crowds and fantastic music. I think the best music had to be from a group called the Dirty River’s. We really enjoyed their set and the energy the band gave of was infectious to the crowd. The other stages we visited for the day were mainly tribute bands. All of them where very entertaining and got the crowds going. I think our favourite from the tributes had to be U2 who if you squinted and ignored the scouse accent, you could almost believe you were in the same room as them.

It was a great day out, the fact that Creamfield’s had been cancelled swelled the ranks with some very colourfully painted people walking around in designer wellies, how things have changed.


One response

  1. Colette Robinson

    Was a great day! Totally agree the Dirty Rivers are ones to look out for.

    August 31, 2012 at 12:21 am

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