Susan Lee Brown

Susan Lee Brown

Observing the recent regeneration of the City of Liverpool I was struck by what was lost and gained.  Some research made me aware of how things are constantly lost to us, why they are no longer part of our world and how these ‘lost’ items influence our current situation.  My solo exhibition, 15 September to 15 October, at the Quaker Meeting House Q Cafe for this year’s Independents Biennial is entitled Ghost of the Past – Shadow of the Past.  The pieces are small and although 2D the front of the work has an item, such as Liverpool’s castle or a Duke of Cumberland butterfly (extinct) with an appropriate painting of our current world behind it on which it casts a shadow. The work helps the observer to realise what part they play in evolution.   The exhibition will move  to Heswall Library from 20 – 27 October as part of the Heswall Arts Festival.

An American artist I have lived on the Wirral for 30 years. the Wirral and Liverpool area provides a wealth of opportunities to exhibit and I have had exhibitions with Dot-Art, The Gallery and Independents 2010 and With These Hands among others. I studied Fine Art at the University of California and have further British qualifications. I am a member of the Wirral Society of Arts, With These Hands and Dot-Art.

Also for the Independents 2012 as part of group exhibitions I will have work in:

With These Hands – 13 – 19 October in Heswall library exhibition room, as part oft he Heswall Arts Festival

TAG – and exhibition by the Toxteth Art Gallery 10 – 21 October at the Florence Institute 377 Mill Street Liverpool L8 4RF

3 Artists – 20 – 27 October in Heswall Library exhibition room as part of the Heswall Arts Festival.


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