South Wirral Arts Society.

The South Wirral Art Society was formed over fifty years ago by a group of local amateur artists who got together to share their interest in this fascinating hobby,  to learn from each other and from visiting experts and  so increase   the enjoyment of painting and this successful formula continues today.
Meetings are held generally on the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month  at the Ellesmere Port Golf Centre in Little Sutton from 7.00-9.00pm and it  is unique in that there are no standards to be met in becoming a member, anyone can join be they a raw beginner or perhaps more experienced.
Our new progamme is just getting under way with an exciting list of demonstrators who will come and pass on their techniques  to us throughout the coming year. Our website has a lot   more information about us  please check it out and contact me if you need anything further

chris fletcher

Peter Appleton

Glenys Montgomery

Sheila Sarson

Janet Marsden


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