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Cetra …. ‘The People’s Photographic Exhibition’




Rob Symington…Artist

With These Hands group,

Rob Symington:  Paintings, Drawings, Prints and Photography.

M.F.A. Liverpool

Has exhibited work in New York USA, Gothenburg Sweden, London and other locations in UK.

He has worked as Resident Artist for Vauxhall Motor Company, Raleigh International, and Chester Zoo.



Exhibition of 45 of the UK’s most exciting unrepresented Artists.


Baltic Creative

Studio B 22 Jordan Street Liverpool.

Independents Biennial.


Great to see the “Hospitality”  of Baltic Creative extended to our neighbours –  Platform Art St Helens,   Artists in St Helens who have responded to the theme ‘Not from here’ with works that look at identity, belonging, a sense of place and memories of somewhere else. This variety of interpretations are conveyed through paintings, sculpture and installations. We were made most welcome by one of the featured Artists – Gillian Adams, whose photographs using waste glass and mirrors and manipulating light produced stunning effects.

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Michele Howarth Rashman.


46 Jamaica Street. Liverpool

15th – 27th September

12noon – 4pm Mon/Fri, 11-4pm Sat – Sun.

Following on from it’s 2011 premiere at the Outside World Gallery in London’s East End, Michele Howarth Rashman brings her solo exhibition of recent works back home to Liverpool. Each hand worked, micro stitched, mixed media sculpture is built up layer upon layer, using a unique and compelling process Rashman has developed and refined over many years. It is a visually stunning exhibition that is a must see on the Independents Biennial trail.
By kind permission Michele Howarth Rashman.

Susan Lee Brown

Susan Lee Brown

Observing the recent regeneration of the City of Liverpool I was struck by what was lost and gained.  Some research made me aware of how things are constantly lost to us, why they are no longer part of our world and how these ‘lost’ items influence our current situation.  My solo exhibition, 15 September to 15 October, at the Quaker Meeting House Q Cafe for this year’s Independents Biennial is entitled Ghost of the Past – Shadow of the Past.  The pieces are small and although 2D the front of the work has an item, such as Liverpool’s castle or a Duke of Cumberland butterfly (extinct) with an appropriate painting of our current world behind it on which it casts a shadow. The work helps the observer to realise what part they play in evolution.   The exhibition will move  to Heswall Library from 20 – 27 October as part of the Heswall Arts Festival.

An American artist I have lived on the Wirral for 30 years. the Wirral and Liverpool area provides a wealth of opportunities to exhibit and I have had exhibitions with Dot-Art, The Gallery and Independents 2010 and With These Hands among others. I studied Fine Art at the University of California and have further British qualifications. I am a member of the Wirral Society of Arts, With These Hands and Dot-Art.

Also for the Independents 2012 as part of group exhibitions I will have work in:

With These Hands – 13 – 19 October in Heswall library exhibition room, as part oft he Heswall Arts Festival

TAG – and exhibition by the Toxteth Art Gallery 10 – 21 October at the Florence Institute 377 Mill Street Liverpool L8 4RF

3 Artists – 20 – 27 October in Heswall Library exhibition room as part of the Heswall Arts Festival.

Susan Lee Brown…

'Ghosts of the Past ~ Shadows of the Past'

A very small solo Independents Exhibition

by Susan Lee Brown,
15 September to 15 October
Q Breaks Cafe
22 School Lane
Liverpool L1 3BT

Inspired by the recent redevelopment of city of Liverpool
the exhibition invites you to determine
whether what we have lost, be it building,

animal or anything else was good progress.

Irby Artists Association…


Press Release



The Irby Artists Association [IAA] is holding its popular Autumn Exhibition of paintings and craft work on Saturday, 17th November 2012.  The event is held at the Association’s regular venue of St Chad’s Church Hall, Roslin Road, Irby, Wirral, CH61 3UH, and will run from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

It has become a tradition of the association that the proceeds arising from the autumn exhibition are donated to local charities.  This year, all proceeds will be donated to the Mayor of Wirral’s Charity Fund which will support charities such as the Birkenhead YMCA, Wirral & West Cheshire Prostrate Cancer appeal, and the Wirral Guides & Scouts, amongst others.

The Irby AA exhibitions regularly feature over 250 paintings and craft items with exhibits up for sale from as little as £15.  An ideal time to buy that unique Christmas present!

The exhibition has free admission, and lunches or light refreshments are available throughout the day at very reasonable prices.

Irby Artists welcome new members from anywhere on the Wirral, and membership applications can be made on the day.

The Association’s activities include social events, and  monthly art demonstrations by well known artists, plus a weekly art group which meets every Monday afternoon, either indoors during the winter, or outdoors during summer months.



Alan McMahon (Exhibition Co-ordinator)

Telephone:       0151 670 1680



Ron Burke (Chairman)

Telephone: 0151 625 7098

The Gallery Presents…

Emma Rush….Featured Artist

Artist’s Bio:


Emma Rush is a photorealist painter originally from The Lake District. She studied Art and Design, and Graphics at Lakes College West Cumbria where she has a small collection of paintings on permanent display. Since 2010 she has lived and worked in Birkenhead, Merseyside where she continues to paint and sell her work.


Artist’s Statement:


Starting a new painting, my goal is always to try something different, learn something new, and to gain more confidence in my skill. The typical viewer of Photorealistic art will firstly be impressed by the startling realism recreated in this genre of painting. The striking reflections in a teary eye and capturing every freckle and wrinkle on a face. Like all photorealists, I aim to create a realistic image. Some realist painters can duplicate this reality so detailed and precise that a painting is often mistaken for a photograph. This is not my main preoccupation – the journey from the beginning to the end is what fascinates me. Going through different emotions from trepidation looking at a blank canvas to frustration from not mixing the right colour to a moment of pure joy knowing that it is complete and you can see the resemblance. For me, this is what it is all about.


I apply paint to canvas in any way that I can to create texture and depth. Using a mixture of brushes, sponges and my fingers to blend allows me to keep building layers until I have got the desired effect. I also like to exaggerate brush strokes, lines and scratches to ensure the viewer always knows that it is still painting. Going through all these emotions, experiments and using different techniques helps me grow as an artist, and being happy with a finished painting after going through that journey encourages me to do it all again and keep painting.


My Subjects:


Life today involves regular exposure to many different types of mass media and popular culture. Icons, celebrities, film stars and musicians are beamed at us every day through magazines, television sets and movie screens. Being inspired by Music, Films and Popular Culture in general. I like to recreate images of these icons onto canvas.


Websites: (coming soon)